I’m Alyse Rynor and I guide women towards discovering their true nature, restoring balance and ultimately embracing their own self-worth.  I understand a woman and her issues, for I recognize that a woman’s path isn’t always an easy one.  When a woman is unknowingly disconnected from herself, it can not only affect her significant relationship, but many other areas of her life as well

A Soul’s Calling…

It was because of my own journey through a difficult, painful and challenging relationship that I discovered how the power of therapy could create positive change from within.

That’s why for over twenty-five years, as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I’ve been guiding women to do the same.  Passionately following work that feel’s like my soul’s calling, I help women towards making a shift of their own and improving their lives from the inside, out.

Experience and Education

My professional experience comes out of a Masters in Social Work and a BS in Education. In addition, as a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I am a Certified Health Coach in the area of Holistic Nutrition & Wellbeing for women, where I focus on restoring balance by nourishing body and soul. I also recognize the power of practicing mindfulness and currently bring that into sessions for a truly integrative approach.