I Help Women Feel Empowered,
Find Meaning
and Reclaim their Life.


As a therapist, I’m passionate about a woman’s concerns.
Todays’ fast paced world can ask a lot of you.

In trying to keep up, it’s easy to struggle with not feeling worthy, taking on far
too much responsibility, tolerating uncomfortable behavior from a romantic partner
or even having difficulty in making important decisions.

I understand the delicate nature surrounding the challenges a woman can face,
and I recognize the courage it takes to reach out for support.

When family and friends just aren’t enough, as an experienced therapist, I can help.

A Woman's Journey... I’m glad you’re here.
You must be a courageous
and insightful woman, who
is ready to shift something
uncomfortable in your life.


Having a therapist who understands a woman’s needs can be critical on the path to wellbeing. In sessions, I use various psychotherapy methods and collaborative treatment measures to help clients develop life-changing habits to better able to cope with many of life’s obstacles.

Your therapy sessions will be uniquely designed to unravel painful issues and provide you with effective tools to help you restore balance and feel a sense of freedom from within.

The women I help often struggle with:

  • Saying “yes” when they want to say, “no”;
  • Feeling unhappy or trapped in their relationship while constantly hoping it would get better;
  • Seeking support around a decision regarding Divorce or the ending of a relationship;
  • Struggling with a narcissistic partner, parent or other person they feel strongly about.
  • Holding an overall desire for positive change but not knowing how to create it

Let’s make our goal in therapy to help you feel balanced, self-connected and better able to more fully enjoy your life.

When you are ready to take the first step,
contact me for a free consultation to see if we are a good fit.
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